Ángela González


Passionate about dance and painting , born in Michoacan and Tijuana adopted at an early age . She began her training in the arts in ballet, where she worked as a professional dancer.

Later in 1991 she obtained a diploma and masters in German and French porcelain dolls, between the periods of 1800 and 1900 , school "Doll Artisan Guild School of Dollmaking " in Rochester , New York.

Following her thirst for learning obtained a degree in " stage lighting design " in San Diego City College and another in cultural promotion and management , promoted by the National Council for Culture and the Arts. Various diplomas and workshops in drawing , painting, printmaking , metal handling and object art .
She has participated in over 70 solo and group exhibitions in Mexico , USA, Argentina , Italy, Spain and China. In Tijuana has exhibited at IMAC , ICBC and CECUT . Culture Promotor and founder of Atelier 109.

My life linked to art its a privilege. It is my great passion, which translate into love for life and all the beauty it contains, so when someone asks me what art is to me so impetuous, fast and secure affirm that not less than my own life and rationale, it is contained in every moment of my work because each represents a commitment and an act of faith.

My creative act related areas versa around with what I want to achieve a unity of opinion discourse both in the drawings and in the paintings. While the former are obviously figurative expressions from touching certain limits sexy content, with the later ventured into a sort of semi-abstraction that allows me the suggestion from various visual references. I feel that the composition in the works is vital,and I try to be provocative to establiish a dialogue with the viewer, from the juxtaposition and subordination of fragments of images over the entire surface, as if it were a story made up of various fragments that converge in a sort of variety of anecdotes or stories.

For me art is the representation of what happens every day, in all its variants, and the artists have a responsability to not only serve to distract, but also to feed the soul and the existence of all praise. From there I feel a great passion for the representation of the city as a territory and nest erected by man and by the human figure and its details emphasizing the feminine, perhaps founded both concerning symbols way the creative, the geminator, that sort of source of gushing surtidero of who knows how many entities, because in any case are essential for existence.

I take all my work as a sort of reading a newspaper. They fully perceived daily life spaces of the cities that are defining the stroke desu face due to human complement and cultures, in which everyday life is laid bare and feels deep as unmistakable pleasure when I walked daily to dusk.