" – What sense does this build -questions- ? . What is the purpose of building a city but a city ? Where is the follow up to the project ? – I’ll show you just finished the day but now can not interrupt – responsive . The work ceases at sunset. Night falls on the construction site. It’s a night full of stars – This is the project – say .
Italo Calvino

When it comes to finish work come to mind images such as Calvin in his Invisible Cities , each time we question the purpose and the reason for it and it is exactly what Angela Gonzalez aim with this sample.
From an exercise in reinterpretation of the sense of building something where nothing is just that the work is born.
It is then that the basis of her personal way of dealing with the term and presents a proposal, regardless of personal being , this thread always reminiscent processes constructions, deconstructions and reconstructions

OBRA also puts us in the historical moment that is transiting this section of the city that leaving aside the myth of violence Tijuana is betting on the recovery of areas in the center nerve and so , by way of fine urban acupuncture , weaves in this part of the city a rich space in cultural and artistic events . Gomez passage stands as one of the areas in which experimentation is possible to start these works recycling , reuse and reuse spaces , always giving a more public sense with a connotation of social commitment.
Vicky Aldana