Encaustic Painting by Angela Gonzalez

In 2001, when I started the Bachelor of Arts at the School of Visual Arts , my first priority was to try to rescue the memory of my old school notebooks , the best thing I learned at the Academy of San Carlos (ENAP -UNAM) mainly during the Master techniques and materials by Nishizawa . The technique caused more profound impact on my professional training later artistic development was to MEXICAN STYLE encaustic ; deeply craftsmanship where each painter draws his material, carefully mixing pure pigments with incense and beeswax , and then apply the painting using fire as a tool rather than a spatula or brush .

But implementing this technique in Baja California was no easy undertaking. For one thing, our proximity to USA, we are terribly short of raw and non- productive processes based materials . Further, art students seemed disinclined to bear the financial cost , time and effort that the authentic technical quality adds to the heavy responsibility of the creative artist. A point was already to give up when …

Angela Gonzalez was not only fellow student from time to time , but also a good friend. She is one of the main reasons that prevented quit completely, constantly pushing me for imparted the course of Mexican art. But Angela did not stop there , after trying and learn a little about the Mexican art, attended various courses in USA , to learn about the applications of classical art that in one of his revivals newspapers fail now options instruments and materials industrial production put at our disposal . It’s a deep joy to see Angela Gonzalez has not given up its efforts and continues to champion the art exploration of art in Baja California , keeping the flame of a rich and important tradition of all Mexicans should be proud , but is unfortunately poorly understood.

In just over 2000 years of Western culture, few contributions have been made to the techniques and materials of painting. In fact , only three : oil painting , legacy of the Italian Renaissance , on the one hand and , on the other hand , the Mexican technique of encaustic and painting with water soluble acrylics. Two out of three is not bad ! That’s a shame that many Mexican artists turn their back on this exploration and why it is an honor and a pleasure to accompany Angela Gonzalez in his relentless pursuit and exploration, not only of her personal style of painting , but the use of techniques and materials.

                                                                                                                                       J. J. Cuanalo
                                                                                                                          Tijuana, March 2013
Atelier 109, art gallery in the Art District, Tijuana, B. C.